Are you tired of attracting people who don't value you? 


Discover how by designing your deep love strategy and tapping into your deepest desires you can deliberately attract the quality partner that you want and stop wasting your time, energy, and money hoping to find them?

You’re probably here because you are tired of the mind games, constant swiping, and shallow dating scene.

Where are all the quality, integrous, heart-centered singles, and why are you having such a hard time understanding the singles you're meeting?


Heartache and disappointment have become close friends! You don’t know how to reignite your confidence or how to overcome the false beliefs keeping you stuck, so you continue attracting all the wrong people who don’t see your purpose or your value.

In the end you're feeling mentally, emotionally, and sexually frustrated and unfulfilled!


Founder of MANIFEST & Love Strategist

Are you good at failing? I was.


As I began looking back at all the relationships I had had with the men I dated and two ex-husbands, I asked myself why these relationships had failed time and time again...


What had been the elements of our dysfunction and demise?

And more importantly, what were the key tools and skills that I could quickly use to make shifts, heal wounds, overcome false beliefs, regain confidence, and attract my ideal partner? 


After many years of trial and error, the answers became crystal clear and it all began with me, Yes M.E.!

I had to redesign my deep love strategy and get clear on what and who I wanted. I had to let go of limiting beliefs keeping me stuck, learn how to be emotionally intelligent, shift my mindset and take action towards attracting my ideal partner and the relationship I wanted. I had to take charge!


At our AOA Events, my team and I help you discover how to redesign your own deep love strategy and help you learn how easy it is to deliberately attract who you want without having to spend years on trial and error, your precious time, energy, and money hoping to find the one!


So if you're ready to take charge, learn the tools and skills you need to help you step into your greatness and attract (not just find) who you want, join us at our "Art of Attraction" Live event by clicking the button below.

Stop wasting time and energy. You deserve so much more!

Much  Love, Nancy


Founder of LVL UP Mentoring & Coach

Have you ever had days or nights where you feel like you’ll just be alone forever? I think it’s safe to say that we all have at some point. 


This was especially true for me after my divorce. I remember thinking to myself “If the person who knows me the most doesn’t want to be with me, then who the hell would?” 


I was convinced that my failed past relationships meant that I was “undateable” and “unwanted”. This feeling carried on into all of my interactions with potential partners and you can imagine how that went...downhill!


It wasn’t until I was able to start really valuing myself on a deeper level that I was able to finally attract my ideal partner. Not only that, I also had to redefine what a “failed relationship” was, what it meant to be alone, and what it meant if other people didn’t approve of me. 


Each of these things are just pieces of the puzzle that eventually come together to reveal a beautiful work of art that attracts all of the right people to it. 


Join Nancy and I at our next Art of Attraction event where we’ll show you how to leverage the beautiful work of art you already are as a magnet to attract your ideal partner.


Much love,




3 Powerful Tools To Attract Your Perfect Partner!

A powerful yet simple three-step process that will help you understand how to attract the partner you want, embody your full potential, and help you live in your best health



 Awareness gives you knowledge and power. Clarity helps you identify exactly what you want in your ideal partner and helps you discover your own value!


Learn how to overcome the mindfucks and false beliefs keeping you stuck from a great relationship, so you don’t continue wasting time and energy on the wrong people.


It's motivation vs inspiration!

Learn exactly when and how to take inspired action that will lead you to attract the love you’ve been craving and help you achieve your best health and full potential.

 Are you ready to finally be dating and waking up next to a partner who’s the absolute love of your life?




THE Art of Attraction Live Events in Beautiful Downtown Sarasota, Florida are designed for the elite entrepreneurial men and women who are ready to attract the absolute love of their life and are tired of online dating, and meeting emotionally unavailable people by chance!


They want to discover how easy it is to deliberately attract who they want and stop wasting their time, energy, and money hoping to find them.


So if you are ready to finally learn the skills that actually work to help you get exactly who you desire, the AOA Event is for you!

 At this live singles event in Paradise, you will:

  • Discover what it takes to attract your ideal partner by stepping into the power of your core values.


  • Learn how to use the power of your influence by building rapport and tuning into their body language.


  • Practice how effectively communicate to open someone else's listening.


  • Have fun and play with other elite singles, enjoy delicious Hors d'oeuvres and energy elixirs in a beautiful art gallery.


Registration opens in May. 


This program is designed for the influential high achievers, who want private access to me, so they can receive 1-1 attention and guidance.


This program was designed to give clarity, focus, and a detailed plan with the unique tools that every client needs in order to take immediate action each week towards becoming the extraordinary person they know they are meant to be to attract their ideal partner.


With this option, I coach and mentor each clinet 1-1 from being alone and single to confidently being able to attract quality women or men and ultimately date their ideal partner with ease.


I help guide each client through the dating process, put their mind at ease, and take the guesswork out of trying to understand what the people they are dating mean, want, and need.

 I currently do these sessions online via Zoom.




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